WikiPearl: alternative packaging or fusion food?

Edible wrap. WikipPearl has the idea to reduce plastic packaging in a way to create new food combinations with solid (?) cover and creamy or liquid inner.  Somehow I am not convinced that it  will work with any product. I mean, to have a cup of yogurt, normally you have two option: plastic/glass/ceramic pre-packed version and the local farmer/market version, where they measure your dairy product and you bring home in (your own) plastic or glass jar.
My question is, how Wikipearl will help me to bring from the shop to home my yoghurt ball. Or my ice-cream balls. How Wikipearl will protect my ice-cream from melting? From dirty hands? From breaking in my bag? Because this is one of the reason we need packaging: bring food from A to B + and/or storage.
Is the same question  was with eggs. Until 1911 when Joseph.L.Coyle haven’t designed the paper egg holder, eggs were breaking easily in the basket. Even the egg itself is already wrapped (by smart mother nature) it couldn’t follow the new urban lifestyle’s need. So the egg holder was born.

wikipearl WikiPearl: alternative packaging or fusion food?

 photos from here

But here, in this  case, can we bring home theses balls in a basket? Will they survive the trip? Is the cover resistant to heat, weight, hit and dirt? Or it will need something similar to the egg holder? If so, what will be the difference  from the packaging point of view in the end? How will reduce plastic?

WikiPearl is opening bars to consume the balls there. No take away? Definitely I will visit their shop in Paris. If you are there and you have the chance to pop by, please let us know your experience in the comment.

Do you like the wikipearl idea? Is it a packaging or is it a new,  fashion-fusion-cuisine experience?  Write your comment below!

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