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Do you have any guarantee?

Yes there is a guarantee. First, final design is always backed up, if a file is damaged or lost, send an email! Also, if you are not satisfied with the result after several brainstorming, deposit will be returned. In this case, all presented design sketches and ideas will remain property of the designer.

What will I receive when we finish a project?

The final design will be a digital file. This may mean different extension depends on the purpose of the design. For web use gif. jpg. the usual for print use pdf. ai. or ps. If you would like to know more about extensions and design phrases,  please download this study.

What am I paying for ? How can I use the final design?

Client have the right to use the final design. Final design is what Client accepts after many revisions and receives in digital format. All design which are presented during the design process remain as property of the designer. If the Client realizes after the finalization and payment, that he would like to use other sketch, it will be handled as a new project. Client may use the final design as he wishes but he may not resell or distribute it.


Can I order only one label/box for my product?

Yes, even you have small project I would love to work with you! Please drop me an email!

Can you do packaging for my industry?

I have more experience in beauty industry however I love new challenges. If you find my style appropriate in your industry please do not hesitate to contact me via email!

How is the packaging design process like?

Every project process differ a little but regardless of the subject, generally a design process is including the following steps:

Writing brief ❯ Proposal ❯  Sign contract ❯Pay 30% deposit ❯ Research ❯Concept building ❯ Presentation ❯Revision ❯ Finalization ❯ Remaining 70% is payable upon completion of the project ❯ Supply original artwork


Can you do illustration for my magazine?

Yes, naturally I can provide different style that matching to your article.

How much does it cost to do an illustration?

I have various price range according to the technique and time. I do research and tones of sketches before I provide the final ideas.

I like your work but I need very different style. Can you do it?

If you explain what is your exact wish I can follow your instruction to have the desired result.

How long does it take to make an illustration?

Depends on your requirements,  it will take 2-5 weeks.

What kind of illustration techniques do you offer?

I use several media and technique separately or mixed like vector or photoshop as digital and hand drawings using pencil, pen, watercolor and ink.


I need a catalogue design, can you do it?

Yes, I do editorial design. Please fill up the contact form or get in touch through email.

What kind of marketing material do you do?

I do all kind of printed material that you may need for efficient marketing communication. Brochure, product catalogue, flyer, invitation, ticket, poster, stickers, labels, cards and many more.

Can you design a logo?

Yes, I love to design logo. I will send you a questionnaire to receive custom tailored quote for your logo project.

If you have more question, please send a message!