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Who I am and what can I do for you?

My name is Réka Darvas, I’m currently living in Barcelona, Spain. I made my master in packaging design (2007) and design management (2008) at MOME in Budapest, Hungary.

I’m passionate about learning and discovering. I’m a real adventurer.
I think to develop ourselves in every aspect is elementary. This reflects on my work, style changes and improvements are easily captured as a result of my wide and inextinguishable interest in life, culture, art, design, people, animals, plants, traveling, reading…(and I could continue) I’m curious, fast and flexible.

These qualities make me able to adapt my work to your style, help you find out your message, defining goals and objectives  to establish a brand or identity, to develop product and packaging, to translate ideas and visions to an understandable visual communication. When people remember your message, it’s great design that helps them remember.

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