3 inspirational movie about cooking for designers

For foodies, gourmets and creatives:) I find cooking and designing very similar. Both require inspiration, creativity, experience, persistence and even the rest of the world is happy with the result, if you don’t find it perfect, you are inconsolable (and eventually you start over again) For good design result you need good tools as for cooking. Sharp knife, fresh, quality ingredients are equivalent to fast computer and proper paper/textile/wood etc. To enjoy delicious food the presentation is also important as for whatever design with the wrong presentation can stay invisible or meaningless. Occasion, date and circumstances has great impact to both subject. Wedding or casual meeting, business or holiday requires different tools, ingredients, time. You can’t bluff in either subject. Personal taste is a big issue too, who like spicy or hot and the other doesn’t like pink at all. But there is also the function behind all these, eatable, readable, wearable is it giving nutrition to your body, to your soul, protecting your feet? Taste. Even the word ‘taste’ is covering more than our tong’s capability. In both topic the good thing is, that you don’t need great skills or influential network to make something for your own or for your family. The result is called a delicious supper or DIY project.

There are countless movies about food and inspiration. Why don’t we have inspirational movies about design? Yes, we have Coco and YSL but can we go further and have films about successful letterpress printer or the struggling jewelry designer, inspirational art director or web designer who changed the world?

My top 3 movies about food, life and inspiration. Bon appetite!


Julie and Julia

Soul Kitchen




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